MA3628 Haritaki / Amla Herbal Oil Taila


Maharishi AyurvedaMA3628 Haritaki/Amla Herbal Oil Taila


Medicated oil that is derived from plants and minerals – as prescribed by your practitioner

We have a wide selection of herbal and mineral supplements that Maharishi AyurVeda practitioners prescribe for specific individuals. If you have had a consultation from one of our practitioners, and wish to know why MA3628 Haritaki/Amla Herbal Oil Taila has been recommended, please discuss this with your practitioner.

These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.


Oil: External 50ml.

Oil:External 50ml.

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For External Use Only

  • Shake well.
  • Twice daily apply a small amount of oil on the relevant area and massage gently in.
  • Application of a hot damp towel is not recommended.
  • May be diluted with sesame oil for your daily body massage.
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place, tightly closed.


  • Sesame 85.11%
  • Five-leaved Chaste Tree 5.32%
  • Haritaki 5.32%
  • Bibhitaki 5.32%
  • Neem 5.32%
  • Amla 5.32%
  • Camphor 5.32%
  • Oriental Sweet Gum 4.26%
  • Sal Tree 4.26%
  • Chir Pine 4.26%
  • Guggul 4.26%
  • Beeswax 4.26%
  • Indian Madder 3.4%
  • Blue Gum 2.66%
  • Chir Pine 2.66%
  • Cajuput 2.66%
  • Turmeric 0.85%


For external use only. Stains clothing.

Allergy advice: Contains

None known.

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