NIDRA, 30 g Tab, MA 107 (Peace at Night)


Maharishi AyurvedaPeace at Night (MA107)

Supports natural sleep
Soothes the mind and senses


A natural herbal formula to help minimise the impact of worry and stress and
supports getting a good night’s sleep.

  • helps reduce the effects of stress and soothe anxiety
  • helps calm and soothe mind and senses
  • supports a more natural sleep
  • enhances coordination between mind, body and senses

From the perspective of Ayurveda an over-active mind, anxiety,
worries and difficulty sleeping all indicate an imbalance in the sub-dosha
Prana Vata. The herbal combination in Peace of Mind is designed to naturally
settle and balance Prana Vata.

Where stress and anxiety is impacting on sleep patterns, this product can be used in conjunction with the Blissful Sleep range.



30g, 30 days supply.

12 in stock





2 tablets daily at bedtime with sweetened milk or water.



  • Ashwagandha 35.14%
  • Long Pepper 35.14%
  • Gulancha Tinospora 8.78%
  • Indian Spikenard 8.78%
  • Aloeweed 8.78%



  • excipient: binder – Gum Arabic 2.9%
  • excipient: extract – Rice 0.48%



Unsupervised combination with Peace of Mind (MA1401) is not recommended.

Allergy advice: Contains


None known.

Regulatory Status


Food Supplement.

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