AYURACI-BALANCE, 50 g Tab, MA 575 (Herbal Aci-Balance)


Maharishi AyurvedaHerbal Aci-Balance

Helps keep stomach acidity in balance and supports digestion

Pitta Dosha combines the elements of fire and water and governs heat, metabolism and transformation in mind and body. Foods that increase Pitta, such as hot, spicy and acidic foods, can bring it out of balance.

Stress and pressure at work can also contribute. One of the early symptoms can be over-acidity in the stomach. If left unchecked, this can knock digestion out of balance and lead to a variety of health problems.

The 17 herbs in Herbal Aci-Balance are soothing and cooling to the stomach. They help nip Pitta imbalances in the bud by keep stomach acidity in balance.

  • fast-acting with no side effects
  • natural relief for occasional acid indigestion & heartburn
  • promotes balanced digestion without excess heat
  • powerful formulation with amla, cabbage rose & ginger
  • vata, pitta kapha balancing


60 tablets – 60g, 30-15 days supply.

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Take 1-2 tablets twice daily after main meals with a sip of warm water. Extra tablets may be taken as required at other times up to a total of not more than 6 Tabs per day. Do not chew.


  • Amla 19.37%
  • Liquorice 19.05%
  • Sugar Cane 19.05%
  • Sodium carbonate 9.53%
  • Saltpetre 8.02%
  • White turpeth 6.35%
  • Clove 3.17%
  • Alumen 1.0%
  • Sal ammoniac 0.5%
  • Haritaki 0.32%
  • Long Pepper 0.32%
  • Ginger 0.32%
  • Black Pepper 0.32%
  • Bibhitaki 0.32%
  • Cabbage Rose 0.32%
  • Cardamom 0.32%
  • Nagarmotha 0.32%
  • Cassia Lignae 0.32%
  • Greater cardamom 0.32%


  • excipient – coating – Hydroxypropyl methylcellulos 1.48%
  • excipient – binder – Gum Arabic 4.46%
  • excipient -Rice Hulls 2.70%
  • excipient – Rice Bran extract 1.80%

How Long to Continue Use?

For lasting results use for at least 2-3 months.

Specific Dietary/Lifestyle Advice

Reduce spicy & salty foods, alcohol and smoking. Favour sweet juicy fruits, Take a little cold milk but not with meals. Make lunch the main meal and eat at regular times. Avoid mental stress.



Allergy advice: Contains

None known.

Regulatory Status

Food Supplement.

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