AMA CLEANSE, 30 g Tab, MA 1010 (Detox)


Maharishi AyurvedaDetox (MA1010)

Helps detoxify the whole body to make you feel renewed, clear and healthy

Poor eating habits, imbalanced diet and weak digestion create a toxic build-up of undigested food called Ama. Ama accumulates in our body tissues and Ayurveda sees it as the fertile soil of all disease. It also blocks our body channels, called Shrotas, limiting nutrients reaching cells, and blocking our natural detox system.

Most internal cleansers only purify the colon and digestive tract. This Detox formula detoxifies your whole body by purifying the liver and metabolism. This reduces ama and supports nutrient absorption. It cleanses sweat glands and eliminative organs to support the production of pure nutritional fluid, blood and fat tissue.

Cleanse toxins and purify the body

  • A gentle formula to purify the liver and blood
  • Strengthens and purifies the liver
  • Supports healthy functioning of colon and intestines
  • Helps regulate elimination

These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.


60 tablets – 30g, 30 to 10 days supply.

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For 10 days take 1 tablet twice daily with warm water. Then increase gradually to 2 tablets twice daily for up to 35 days.

How Long to Continue Use

Continue for not more than about 45 days.


    • Small Caltrops 11.43%
    • Liquorice 9.56%
    • Indian Sarsaparilla 9.56%
    • Gulancha Tinospora 9.66%
    • White turpeth 3.35%
    • Cabbage Rose 6.7%
    • Indian Barberry 4.73%
    • Nut grass 4.73%
    • Kalmegh 4.73%
    • Globe Thistle 3.35%
    • Nut grass 3.35%
    • Turmeric 3.35%
    • Chiretta 2.86%
    • Indian Laburnum 2.86%
    • White sandalwood 2.86%
    • Aswagandha 2.86%
    • Indian Madder 2.86%
    • Neem bark extract 1.97%
    • Iron bhasma 1.97%
    • Neem leaf 1.97%
    • Black Lipped Oyster pearl 0.99%


  • Gum acacia : excipient 1.86%
  • Rice : excipient: (hull concentrate) 0.48%
  • Rice : excipient: (extract) 0.48%
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulos : excipient (coating) 1.48%


  • Not recommended for people with a predominance of Pitta or intolerance of heat.
  • If you find Detox too heating use Detox Pitta (MA1663) instead.
  • Do not take with Radiant Skin tabs (MA926), MA1000 or Be Trim 1 & 2 (MA1006, MA1007)

Allergy advice: Contains

Contains: Oyster pearl.

Regulatory Status

Food Supplement.

Additional information

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