Organic Certification and Quality Control

Certified Organic

Certified Organic means that all the ingradients in a product have been grown according to the International standarts. Organic standarts describe the specific requirements that must be verified by an accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled.


Certified GMP system ISO 22617

VEDAROMA and VEDIC AROMA products have been manufactured in a facility with a Good Manufacturing Practices certification (GPMC) with provides assurance that all production processes are well controled for quality, identity, purity, streght and compassion.

GMP certification means that VEDAROMA and VEDIC AROMA products have met the “GOOD Manufacturing Practices” guiedelines, which assured that products manufactured/produced are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer or public.

The NPA (Natural Products Assotiation) “GMP Certification Program” is designed to verify that manufacturing practices conform to a standardized set of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) developed and aproved by the Natural Products Assotiation. This ProGrame is based upon comprehensive third-party inspections of manufacturing facilities and GMP-related documentation to verify complaiance to requirements of NPA GMP standarts.

Vedaroma Essential Oils are certified organic for EU by EcoControl GmbH according to NCS (Natural cosmetic standart).
The NCS standart was developed by GfaW (Geselschaft fur Angewandte Wirtschaftsethik (Society of Applied Ethics in Business)) on cooperation with EcoControl GmbH, Germany.

NCS regulates the requirements of certified natural cosmetics and certifies the organic quality of the ingradients in the products.

Made from Organic Crop

Floral source is certified organic, but not the procedure for extracting the oil from the plant. These special oils called Absolutes.

Organic Crop

Plants grown according to organic standards.

Organic Wild

Plantes collected from the wild that are harvested and distilled according to organic regulations.

Selecting Farming

Carefully selected for high quality and purity, where it is not possible to find certified organic.


Traditional, pure cultivation, without the use of chemicals.

Wild Harvested

Wild-grown plants that have not undergone chemical treatment.
Wild-harvested, simply put, is nature unadulterated. Plants are harvested from natural uncultivated land free from chemicals and pesticides.
Wild-harvested also means sustainably-harvested—the entire plants isn’t picked to ensure it can grow back.

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