Kapha Massage Oil (Sahacharadi with Sage & Mint) 200 ml


For a luxurious, enlivening Ayurvedic massage, we offer our new interpretation of the classic Ayurveda Kapha massage oil. It consists of precious Sahacharadi Thailam, ripened organic sesame oil, as well as Kapha dosha-balancing medicinal sage and mint. Sahacharadi Thailam is known to help calm when Vata is excited but also for balancing a sluggish Kapha, and this effect on Kapha is further supported by the effects of the added herbs. This wonderful massage oil is suited to both classic as well as wellness massage.

This product is traditionally produced in our Ayurveda oil kitchen in Drestedt. The oil is bottled in 200 ml bottles and should withstand a fall on bathroom tiles.


Warm the massage oil slightly by placing the container in a bowl or pot with warm water. Once it is a comfortable temperature, massage the oil gently onto the skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then remove excess oil with a shower or warm bath.

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Additional information

Weight 0.214000 kg
Content 200 ml
Intro Traditional Ayurvedic Kapha Massage oil with herbs – a wellness treat
EAN 4032582021100
Brand Classic Ayurveda
Manufacturer Amla Natur
Manufacturer Address Amla Natur GmbH, Butterberg 3, 21279 Drestedt, Germany
Amount 200
Unit Milliliter (ml)
Reference Unit l
Ingredients (INCI)

Sesamum indicum seed oil, Mentha leaf extract, Salvia leaf extract, Lac, Premna serratifolia root extract, Oroxylum indicum root extract, Solanum indicum root extract, Desmodium gangeticum root extract, Gmelina arborea root extract, Stereospermum suaveolens root extract, Asparagus racemosus root extract, Tribulus terrestris root extract, Aegle marmelos root extract, Coleus vetiveroides root extract, Callicarpa macrophylla flower extract, Rubia cordifolia root extract, Vetiveria zizanioides root extract, Elettaria cardamomum seed extract, Cedrus deodara wood extract, Corchorus Olitorius leaf extract, Boswellia serrata resin extract, Aquilaria Agallocha wood extract, Valeriana wallichi root extract, Anethum Graveolens seed extract


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