GOLDEN TRANSITION I, 60 g Tab, MA 938 (Menopause Support I)


Maharishi AyurvedaMenopause Support 1 (MA938)

Menopause Made Easy – For Adult Women in Midlife

An excellent general purpose preparation for a comfortable menopause.

Comfort during menopause is largely determined by how balanced the body is leading up to menopause (perimenopause). For best results start taking it before perimenopausal changes start.

Midlife changes can happen gracefully, without discomfort. Symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes and loss of bone density are related to imbalances in the body, caused by a build-up of digestive impurities. Our midlife formulas help maintain balance and support the functions related to menopause, make the transition smooth and easy.

Menopause Support 1 helps the body both before and during menopause. Taken in advance, it prepares the body by supporting the efficient elimination of impurities.

These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.


60 tablets, 60g, 10-30 days supply.

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Take 1-2 tablets 2-3 times daily with water.


  • Grape 16.92%
  • Amla 16.92%
  • Ginger 5.67%
  • Stone Crusher Plant 5.67%
  • Tellicherry Kurchi 5.67%
  • Red Sanders 5.67%
  • Tinnevelly Senna 5.67%
  • Indian Sarsaparilla 5.67%
  • Arjuna 5.67%
  • Black Pepper 5.67%
  • Ateesh Meetha 5.67%
  • Lodh Tree 3.94%
  • Sensitive Plant 3.37%
  • Liquorice 2.79%
  • Nut Grass 1.16%


  • excipient: binder – Gum Arabic 1.92%
  • excipient: lubricant – Rice hulls 0.48%
  • excipient: lubricant – Rice bran extract 0.48%
  • excipient: coating – Opadry natrapure 0.99%

Age Group

Adult women in midlife.


Not recommended in cases of intestinal obstruction and stenosis, atony, appendicitis, inflammatory colon disease (Crohn’s, ulcerative colistis), abdominal pain of unknown origin, severe dehydration.

Allergy advice: Contains

None known.

Regulatory Status

Food Supplement.

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