Coriander (whole), organic


Coriander has a bitter, pungent taste (rasa).  It is described as balancing for all three doshas, especially for pitta.  According to ayurveda it has strengthening and balancing qualities for the whole human body and increases agni (digestive fire) without increasing pitta.

Coriander for cooking

Coriander is ideal with curry dishes, chutneys, dahls and bread.  You will find coriander in spice mixtures like curry powders and garam masala.

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Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg
Content 50 g
Intro Smoothing Pitta with a distinctive taste
Designation Coriander Spice

Coriander*, whole

* certified organic

EAN 4032582002246
Brand Classic Ayurveda
Manufacturer Amla Natur
Amount 50
Unit Gramm (g)
Reference Unit Kg
Product Certificates Organic
Product Certificate Details DE-ÖKO-037 (Non-EU-Agriculture)
Product Diets vegan
Product Storage and Consumption Instructions

Store in cool, dry conditions


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