KAPHA BALANCE, 50 g Tab, MA 1402 (Blissful Joy)


Maharishi AyurvedaBlissful Joy


To Help Uplift the Emotions and Self-Confidence

Blissful Joy tablets are designed to help maintain inner balance when facing emotionally challenging situations. They support the function of the heart and nourish the memory of bliss in your cells by helping to remove toxins that can make you feel dull or sad. The adaptogenic herbs in Blissful Joy tablets help keep you flexible, alert and energetic. The result is a renewed feeling of energy and happiness and an overall sense of well-being. Now you can lift your spirits naturally.

Now You Can Lift Your Spirits Naturally



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Take 1 tablet twice daily with water. Ideally do not take on an empty stomach and wait 1 hour after full meals.



  • Aswagandha 27.54%
  • Arjuna 23.19%
  • Amla 13.53%
  • Red spreading hogweed 4.83%
  • Nagarmotha 4.83%
  • Yellow-berried nightshade 2.34%
  • Cashmere bark 2.19%
  • Prisniparni 1.76%
  • Wheat 1.61%
  • Headache tree 1.46%
  • Sweet basil 1.45%
  • Trumpet tree 1.32%
  • Indian nightshade 1.17%
  • Black pepper 0.97%
  • Black lipped oyster pearl 0.97%
  • Nutmeg 0.97%
  • Mace 0.97%
  • Akik stone bhasma 0.97%
  • Ginger 0.97%
  • Greater cardamom 0.97%
  • Long pepper 0.97%
  • Tik trefoil 0.88%
  • Trumpet flower 0.44%
  • Bael 0.37%



  • excipient: binder – Gum arabic 1.93%
  • excipient: lubricant – Calcium carbonate 1.45%

Specific Dietary/Lifestyle Advice


  • Favour light, dry, warm foods with pungent, bitter & astringent tastes.
  • Reduce heavy, oily, cold, foods with sweet, sour and salty tastes.
  • Do not over eat.
  • Take a little fresh ginger with a pinch of salt before meals.
  • Raw honey is the one sweetener that is good for you.
  • Exercise regularly – preferably every day.
  • Enjoy variety in life – seek out new sights,  sounds & people.
  • Stay warm, avoid cold damp environments.
  • Early to bed, early to rise.




Allergy advice: Contains


Molluscs – Black lipped oyster pearl.

Regulatory Status


Food Supplement.

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