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AMAcare is a combination that, according to Ayurvedic understanding, promotes the digestive fire ‘Agni’, thereby aiding in the complete digestion of food*.

The concept of Agni (digestive fire) and Ama (metabolic residues) is of utmost importance in Ayurveda. The intake of unsuitable or inappropriate food, stress, incorrect lifestyle are some of the main reasons for the disruption of Agni, which can result in food being incompletely digested. Ama = undigested.

The accumulation of Ama, according to Ayurvedic science, can lead to various disorders*. Ama blocks the Srotas (body channels), causes an imbalance in the Dosha balance, and can disrupt the Dhatu nutrition (Dhatu = tissue layers).

* The concept of ‘Ama’ (metabolic residues) has no equivalent in Western science.

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We use high-quality plant extracts from aqueous extracts for our AMAcare capsules. These have a significantly higher content of active plant substances than simple herbal powders, and the percentage of active ingredients is fixed by the extraction process. The extraction by water is a holistic, natural process that corresponds to the processes that also take place in the body. Therefore, the extracts have a higher potency than normal plant powders.

Ayurveda, a millennia-old health doctrine, describes in its own terminology the effects of substances on physical well-being. The effects described here are not scientifically proven and must be verified by the consumer.

Brief Overview in Detail

  • Concentrated plant extracts standardized to the main active ingredient
  • Concentrated water extracts are natural, holistic products that are well absorbed by the body
  • Classic composition of Ayurvedic herbs by Ayurvedic herbal experts
  • Daily intake contains 80 mg of Kalmegh powder with 9 mg of Andrographolides.
  • Product safety guaranteed by an accredited laboratory. This product complies with German or EU guidelines.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

Trikatu spice blend (Ginger, black pepper, Pippali), Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule), Triphala powder 17% (Herbal blend consisting of Amla (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica)), Asafoetida spice blend, Cumin (Cyminum ciminum), Ajwain powder (Trachyspermum ammi), Kalmegh powder 8% (Andrographis panniculata)

Plant-based raw materials from India
Manufactured and packaged in Germany


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