Melodies appropriate to different times of the day

Gandharva-Ved is the eternal music of nature, used to create balance in nature and peace in the world. Available on Compact Disc, Maharishi Gandharva-Ved is music in tune with natural law.

Maharishi Gandharva-Ved

It uses sound, melody, and rhythm to restore balance and harmony in mind, body, behaviour, and environment. These beautiful melodies have been recorded for you by the finest Gandharva-Ved musicians in India. Each set of recordings contains melodies appropriate to different times of the day.

Thousands of years ago in India, the land of the Veda, Rishis or seers capable of cognizing the rhythms and melodies of nature sang and played these beautiful melodies at the appropriate times of the day and night to bring peace and harmony to their land and perfect health to all their people. However, over time the completeness of knowledge and purpose of this music was lost.

Now, under the guidance of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, many of India’s most renowned musicians have joined in a world-wide revival of this eternal music of nature, enlivening its power to create balance in the individual and the environment. By playing Maharishi Gandharva-Ved music you can join in the creation of a new atmosphere of peace, harmony, and joy for yourself, your family, and the world. Gandharva-Ved music is the eternal music of nature – the rhythms and melodies of nature expressed as music.

Devabrata Chaudhuri

 “If you could hear the changing frequencies present at the first awakening of the dawn, in the dynamics of midday, or in the deep silence of midnight, you would be hearing the frequencies of Gandharva-Ved music. These sublime melodies neutralize stress and disharmony in the environment, and gently restore biological rhythms by attuning the physiology to the cycles of nature that underlie each hour of the day and each season of the year.”

The knowledge of when to play each melody is based on three-hour periods called Praharas which correspond to the changing frequencies of nature throughout the day. Maharishi Gandharva-Ved provides music to create balance in the environment throughout the eight Praharas of the day – Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, Midnight and Late Night. In addition to this there are certain ragas which can be played at any time of the day or night.

Praharas of the day Benefits
Sandhi Prakash (Transition of Light) 4-7 a.m. Tenderness, Refinement of the Subtlest Feeling Level, Peace, Mental Clarity, Integration of All Levels of Life, Greater Support of Nature.
Morning 7-10 a.m. Joy, Compassion, Love & Devotion, Patience, Nourishment & Support of the Heart.
Midday 10 a.m. -1 p.m. Strength in Action, Greater Energy, Success in Activity, Knowledge & Wisdom.
Afternoon 1-4 p.m. Achievement, Success, Creativity, Wealth & Prosperity, Fulfilment of Desire.
Sandhi Prakash (Transition of Light) 4-7 p.m. Harmony, Coherent Functioning of the Nervous System, Peace, Mental Clarity, Integration of All Levels of Life, Greater Support of Nature.
Evening 7-10 p.m. Celebration, Expansion, Serenity, Settling Down in Preparation for Sleep.
Midnight 10 p.m.-1 a.m. Deep Rest & Relaxation, Better Sleep, Purification, Renewal & Rejuvenation.
Late Night 1-4 a.m. Calmness Tranquillity, Inner Strength, Healthy Mind & Body.


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