Herbal Stamp Pinda Sweda, Vata-Balance


It looks a bit unusual, such a massage with stamps made of fabric bags. But the fabric bags filled with herbs and spices have it all in the truest sense of the word: The Pinda Sweda is a universal, very versatile massage agent of often impressive intensity. The bags are filled to the brim with herbal mixtures, roasted seed powders or processed roots that have been used in various applications over the centuries. The resulting”Pinda” (bag) is heated in herbal oils, juices or ghee, depending on the type of application, in order to work the concentrated active ingredients directly into the affected structures or the entire body during the herbal bag massage.

The combination of herbs and heat creates optimal conditions for influencing tense or blocked structures.* This includes muscles, joints, weakened, contaminated connective tissue, tired muscles and overstrained nerves.* During the application, deep relaxation sets in, feelings of stress[ cLineBreak]are reduced and body and soul fill up with strength and energy.*

*According to Ayurvedic tradition, scientificallynot proven.

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Weight 0.24 kg
Content 1 pair
Intro With Vitex negundo and nine other herbs and spices - Made exclusively for Amla Natur in Sri Lanka
EAN 4032582019473
Brand Classic Ayurveda
Manufacturer Amla Natur
Manufacturer Address Amla Natur GmbH, Butterberg 3, 21279 Drestedt, Germany


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