Chamomile, Roman – Anti-Inflammatory Body Oil 30ml

Organic Certification

Chamomile, Roman essential oil: Certified Organic by EcoControl NCS for EU, and NSF for USA;

Macadamia nut seed oil: Certified Organic by EU organic farming

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Chamomile, Roman essential oil is excellent for the skin. It soothes inflammation, is antibacterial and antiseptic, and has healing qualities. Chamomile essential oil is derived from flowers of Chamomile.

Base Oil: Macadamia nut seed oil. Flavonoids, antioxidants, and the right balance of essential fatty acids are just a few of the many anti-ageing skin benefits of Maca­damia nut seed oil. This nourishing oil absorbs, deeply soothes, moisturises, and helps to heal scars, sunburn, and dry patches for a fresh appearance.

Chamomile, Roman massage oil is healing. Energised for vitality and long life through a natural whirlpool system. Contains no preservatives.

Essential oil derived from flowers of Chamomile, Roman.

How to use: Topically in local application.

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